Two Rules
February 26, 2019

Two Rules

A lot of people ask me about coaching and if they are coachable, what impact we can have, can they reach their goals etc.
My response is pretty much always the same.
Be on time
Do not complain
I don’t say much more than that as I don’t think much more needs to said at the outset. As things develop yes there are times for discussions about more things but let’s keep it simple at the start.
Wherever you are heading and wherever you have come from is important but not as important as the moment you are in and the way to be the very best version of yourself in that moment is to follow the two rules above.
If you posses those two qualities (which sadly many don’t) then everything else we can teach you. In other words if you get those two things in order you are “coachable”. We can make you stronger, we can make you faster, we can make you technically better however that won’t happen if you are late and complaining.
The flip side as I am sure you have figured out by now is my energy, focus and desire is blown apart if you turn up late and complain. Nuff said there.
Be on time and don’t complain and anything is possible.