Ultra Cycling Record Attempt
November 24, 2017

Ultra Cycling Record Attempt

Media press release!
Dubai based athlete sights set on Ultra Cycling record.
Dubai-based extreme athlete, InnerFight founder and Volvic brand ambassador Marcus Smith is preparing for his toughest challenge yet: to become the first athlete to complete four ultra cycling races on four continents in 2018.
The events he will compete in each average 1,000km, and are self-supported combining desert, forest, high altitude mountains and jungle. All climates. That means Smith will have to carry everything he needs with him for the duration of the race – some of which may take up to 4 days to complete, seeing him ride for over 24 hours in a single hit.
“It’s a monumental challenge that’s going to test me physically and mentally throughout the entire year,” Smith said. “It’s a real test of endurance, and is quite unlike anything I’ve ever tackled before.”
Smith is no stranger to extreme endurance events. In 2015, he competed the Marathon Des Sables, a five-day, 250km race across the Sahara Desert – effectively completing the equivalent of six marathon distances over sand, rock and rough terrain.
Smith’s first race in 2018 will be in Oman in February – and his training has cranked into full gear with extremely long sessions on the bike, sometimes completing as much as 300km over 10 hour stretches.
Sponsors Volvic have agreed to support him for the race.”Preparing for and racing in such events in challenging in so many ways so to have the support of Volvic for this race is amazing. I have worked with Volvic on various projects for the last eight months with our brands sharing so many of the some principles, so it is just great and shows the intent of their brand to come on board for the first race,” Smith said.
In April Smith will race in Corsica before he heads to Peru in July. The final race of the calendar under the organisation of the Biking Man brand will be in Asia in the second half of the year.
“Working towards such goals you have to be all in on every part of the process, that’s what takes you to the destination and at times juggling my private life and my family life is as much a challenge as the riding itself. I guess you could say I am super lucky to have amazing support from my wife and family and also everyone in the InnerFight team.”
To find out more about the event visit Bikingman and to learn why you should be drinking Volvic water click here