We have to go deeper
October 31, 2017

We have to go deeper

Suffering – what is it really?

What is max effort – what should it feel like?

Legs are not working – does that actually happen?

Pain – is there a definition?

Hallucination due to sleep deprivation – how is that possible?

Do we actually have answers or do we just stop when we think we are close?

And how close is close?

And why do we really stop, when we are so close, but close to what and what really would happen if we kept going?

Wow, this article in itself is deep isn’t it.

I recently wrote about (voices in your head) searching for a magical point in both your physical and non physical journey of life. Since many people have in some form asked me the above or similar to the above questions.

On many occasions I have explained to people the need to “Go Deeper” to search for answers for the above and it always comes back to how.

We return to the start…..who are you and why are you here. I 100% believe that’s where the answers lay. I can talk to you until I’m blue in the face and scream at you until my voice is gone but if from the outset you lack self awareness and you don’t really know who you are then our chances or hitting this depth are pretty much nil.

So yes we do have to go deeper, we have to keep searching, keep pushing but let’s be under no illusion that we will get there by skipping the first few parts of the process.

Get the self awareness, get ready to go deep and then you win.