What can I do today?
January 09, 2019

What can I do today?

I have always loved waking up in the morning. OK so when I was at boarding school and I knew it was freezing cold in the dormitory I did not love it so much but generally it is an amazing time of day.
When I had my crash in Feb 2018 I still loved waking up each morning despite having not slept too much in the night. I loved waking up as it was a new day, a new chance, a new opportunity and I would ask myself the simple question; “What can I do today to be better than yesterday?” I would have a think for a few minutes, make some notes and do what I had written down. At the end of the day I would be better than I was at the start and that was a huge win.
So if you are struggling for motivation or need to bring a bit of focus back into your life just wake up every morning and ask yourself the same thing.
“What can I do today to be better than yesterday?” and then go and do it.