What do you stand for?
February 20, 2017

What do you stand for?

I hate corporate values!
The principle is sound but the execution leads to my hatred.
The directors or board sit in a room for hours on end and finally come up with a set of values as to what they envisage the company standing for. They then put them into big fancy presentations and send them out to employees and expect everyone to get it.
What happens? No one get’s it because those values mean nothing to the employees beyond the words that they are. There is no link, no connection and really no value but somehow coporations seem to think that employees should buy into them.
Well let’s not worry about the corporate world, let’s focus this back on you, but at the same time learn from their silly mistake in that if they only took the time to explain to the employees what the values mean and how they as a firm want to bring them to life then the chance of that happening will massively increase.
So what do you stand for? What is important to you? What are the rules that you want to live by?
That’s what you need to get figured out and get figured out really fast. When you have done that you have to live them, every hour of every day.
If you have a look at things, you will already be living in a certain way by a certain set of values, they may or may not be your ideal blueprint. Take time to figure it out. It is the basis of your game plan for life.
Just like the directors of the big firm would be able to rattle off their values and what they stand for.
At any give point in time you should be able to do the same for yourself, but better than that your friends and those closest to you should also be able to rattle them off without you even telling them because you live your life by them day in day out.