What do you think about?
January 16, 2018

What do you think about?

When I used to run Cross Country at school people would tell me it’s boring, I did not agree. They would ask me, “What do you think about?”
When I returned to endurance at the end of my rugby career entering into the world of ultra running the same question popped up. “What do you think about?”
And now with my focus for 2018 on being the first person to complete 4 ultra cycling races within 12 months on 4 continents and all the time I spend training for these the same question arises. “What do you think about?”
I could list all the things that go through my mind on an 8 hour ride and possibly fill over 100 blog posts and still not covered it all off. However I want to provoke you to think on a deeper level, I want to encourage you to disengage with your thoughts and with your constant desire and need to have thoughts and I want you to be (some call this the state of flow). I want you to be neutral in your mind and in doing so be at one with yourself for having really no thoughts.
This is the state that we need to be in more often as this is the state that provides the best thoughts, the inspiration for life, the decision making, the peace making, the ability to tolerate obscene amounts of pain that endurance brings and the ability to fully embrace the moment we are in.
The bottom line is simple, in many situations to have the best thoughts you have to have the ability to have no thoughts at all.
Try it and let me know.