What stuck?
April 03, 2018

What stuck?

You set some pretty big goals for 2018 didn’t you? Yeah I know you did!!
Fitter, eat better, be a better dude, love more. All that jazz that always kicks around in Jan right?
Well 3 months of the year have past. How are you going. What has stuck?
There is no better time than now to take stock of where you are at. Re-look at the goals you set and frankly just sit down and have a moment of honesty with yourself. There may be good, there may also be bad but at the same time if you are reading this things can not be so bad and you still have a chance.
Yes that’s right you still have a chance in most cases to make those 2018 goals come to fruition, to make new habits that you wished for stick and become part of your life.
You will not do it though just by sitting there and thinking, the first step is the inventory, the second is then making a new list of the what you are going to do about it. When you make that list, let’s make it stick this time huh!