What they teach
March 06, 2018

What they teach

A quick bit of background here.
At the end of 2016 I made a commitment to read more in 2017. I subscribed to Audible and .com so was paying for a book a month and I said I would also read a kindle or paper book a month. End of the year I knocked over 27 audio books and 11 paper books.
Whilst that is something I encourage you to do that is not the punchline of the post.
I’ve read from business to sport, from good to crap. I also listened to over 100 podcasts on all sorts of topics and through my daily dealings with people have listened to hundreds of people’s stories and issues both positive and negative.
It may not be fair to sum it up in one line but my heart tells me I have to. All these books, all these podcasts and all these people that talk of success and in turn failure teach the same thing…..
It all always comes back to…….How much do you want it?
For a list of my books which I update as I finish then click here


Freulon alexandre March 6, 2018 AT 01 pm

Hey Marcus,
It was the same for me, i hated read at school.
For some years, since i begin, i used this time to relax and evade myself, and then i did choice to learn, develop myself with great guys, learn more and more, it’s a really good way to see our moments in this life and our contribution to our athletes and friends/family.
I like the spirit around your box innerfight, and it will be really pleasant to lear about your vision of crossfit and business.
I was owner for 3 years and more of RAR CrossFit in Paris (France) and i have a new project.
Your help will be so grateful.
Have a good day.

    admin March 7, 2018 AT 06 am

    Thanks for the feedback Alex. Hit me up anytime butt [email protected]

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