What’s actually real?
December 27, 2021

What’s actually real?

Difficult question to answer right which for some may ring alarm bells but for some creates a safety net to live behind.
I’m intrigued by the amount of fake when it comes to the human body and with no bias to any gender. I look at some people some days and struggle to figure out which part of them they have had “adjusted” and what is actually real.
The thing that really intrigues me is one step deeper as I start to think about why, why have so many people chosen fake opposed to the real beauty that they were born with? Answers are many and it’s not up to me to judge, that’s not what I am here for (although I can not help but be alarmed about the amount of things people seem to be injecting into their face…) I am more curious to try and really understand what makes people chase fake opposed to what they arrived with!
Is it because they are trying to mask the real them, is it covering something they are unwilling to address, is it a desire to fit in, is it a genuine buy into the safety (cough cough) of the procedures or is it something I am totally missing? I am always curious.
My mind wanders on the life span of this fake, does it have one, will there come a time when you go back to being happy with real?
I’ll keep thinking and as always I’ll keep trying to keep things real.