What to say
July 03, 2022

What to say

Quite often we are lost for words unsure what to say so w just say what we “think” will make the situation and the people involved in it feel better. Does it? Not always!
We say things that we genuinely think will help as we try and imagine ourselves in the similar situation, we make it selfish, about us as we try and empathize.
Lets flip it for a minute and realize that maybe it is not about us, maybe the people we are with are different to us, maybe (most probably) in the moment their feels are nothing like ours so whatever we say has very limited chance of helping as its coming from the wrong side of town.
Why not let’s shut up and listen, be there in silence to support, give a look of hope and love. That will be way more powerful than saying some words that will fall on deaf ears.
If you are stuck for something to say be ok with that and just shut up and listen!