Who are you and why are you here?
May 09, 2016

Who are you and why are you here?

Simple stuff right? That’s what I think too and hence why these are the first two questions I think every person and every brand should be able to ask before they set out on their journey to pretty much anywhere!
You would normally get the answer, “My name is XYZ and I want ABC” or something equally as straight forward but come on, lets get deep with each other, lets put more effort into this. Why? Because this is the start of your journey as an individual and as a brand. It’s looking into your DNA, understanding what your real purpose is and why you are doing (or going to do) what you are doing. It therefore demands and outright deserves your attention and time.
Lets split it into two. Who are you first. By this I essentially mean what do you stand for, what makes you up. What are your beliefs, the rules of the game you play by or in corporate terms, your values. Think about them and also think about things like your decision making process, your outlook on certain issues. You need to spend time on this as it can be complex and deep but it is so important. I would strongly suggest that you get this mapped out for yourself first before you go into doing it for brand or business idea. Two reasons for this, firstly when you do it for a brand you will already have had experience so it will be seemingly easy and secondly you personal “Who are you” as an integral part of any brand or business that you are going to build. I mean, come on if you don’t know who you are in yourself then how can you define it for a brand?
And then we hit the WHY! For many this can be the hard part and sadly in a load of business ideas and concepts the answer to this we often hear is:
“so I can make loads of money and retire.” And you know what, if that’s you then you need to sort things out super fast. I want you to think deeper and less superficial than just the money. i honestly believe that money is just a by product of finding something you are passionate about and working hard at it day in day out. In this section both personally and on a business level you really need to think about the big picture objectives which are varied but focus is important. From a personal perspective knowing your why will again bring focus to what you do everyday and on a business level your why really forms the vision for the brand, it is what you see in the future, where you want to take it. 
You may need someone to help you for this exercise of establishing who you are and why you are here, I would strongly recommend getting someone, if anything just to bounce your ideas and thoughts off. It will really help.
This whole process is itself is “self awareness” which I am sure you have heard all the self help guru’s bang on about all day long as the first step to success. Well this breakdown in this article should help you getting that awareness primarily for yourself and then for your brand, business or ideas. When you get these pieces of the puzzle in place first your chances of success are massively increased.
Good luck.