Why are you failing?
March 27, 2018

Why are you failing?

Probably a question you hardly ever ask yourself because frankly you may never know the answer and even more frankly you probably don’t want to know the answer.
That really is the difference between successful humans and the rest. The successful ones fail and then they ask themselves why?
When it comes to human performance and physical training programs we can for days negotiate back and forth as to what form of training we should follow.
Want to get strong? Do we go down the tried and test Russian systems or should we focus on whats new in the market.
Want to get lean? Veganism or simply cutting sugars.
To all intents that is the more complicated side of performance. I want to provoke you to analyze something else when it comes to your failures. Why? I have coached people for close to 20 years and most fitness / strength and diet programs do actually work if followed correctly.
However way more simply than that the reason why you are failing may be routed in your daily metrics:
  • Waking heart rate
  • Hours slept
  • Mental focus
  • Muscle soreness
  • Sleep quality
  • Heart rate variability
  • Desire to train
  • Performance in previous days training
A couple of simple measurements and simple metrics that I encourage all of my athletes to do daily on waking. That is where I find more often than not the answers as to why things are going wrong……and also right.
So turn your attention from the complexity of your training program, i am sure that is fine. Food wise if you are “eating clean” that is not your reason for failure. The reason is possibly in poor management of your daily metrics.
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