Why Care
February 04, 2024

Why Care

The streets are dirty, a state of disrepair, neglect from all,  those that walk them to those who claim to care for them.
Shop fronts are bare. Tenants have moved out, left under duress and somehow in the process forgot to take what may not even have been theirs.
Stair wells house homeless, drunks and addicts that have no idea how they got there or in fact where they actually are, never mind if they will ever leave.
In stark contrast the “cake and coffee” shops overflow to the point of line ups come rain or shine in the dirty streets. Queuing for the fast forward button to their ultimate resting place through a more decadent process than the bar next door.
The bar that welcomes with a sticky alcohol drowned carpet on the floor. A bar tender looking like showers were a thing of the last century. Home made tattoos inked with no care or consideration for their once innocent and beautiful skin.
This is the modern world, developed society, the hard work of the late Queen. This is the place where the tide has turned, the gradient points down, the once proud respect has all but vanished.
It’s hardly surprising that the general consensus is “why care”…….because no one does.


S February 5, 2024 AT 12 am

That hits hard. I hear you. This is a little glass half empty for you, hopefully your all good.

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