Why do you run?
September 04, 2018

Why do you run?

I was recently on a ferry on the way to run across the island of Corsica and the title of this post came into my mind, it somehow caught me off guard so I started to list down answers, I thought that was a good a time as any:
  • It’s natural
  • To learn
  • It’s simple
  • It gets me close to nature
  • It delivers a variety of emotions
  • It tests my body and mind
  • My mum and dad ran when I was a kid
  • In search of “runners high”
  • I was told to run at school
  • It gives a feeling of “survival instinct”
  • It’s safer than riding my bike
I then thought back to my early years of running at school, it started at my prep school in the north of England where I was told to run as fast as I could (and possibly out of fear for punishment I did) and in doing so more often than not ended up finishing ahead of the other kids.
This progressed and when I started my senior school at the age of 13 running was my second strongest sport after rugby. Little did I know what the sport had in store for me over the coming 5 years.
To this date I remain one of 6 people to have won my school Cross Country 3 years running and one of 3 who place 2nd in the year before I won it for the first time and the only person to have placed 6th in my first year at senior school at the age of 13 racing against students school wide up to 18 years old.
I guess you could say I was “ok” at it and yes I like it.
I run because of all of the reasons above and maybe a whole lot more which I continue to find out the more that I run.
What about you? Why do you run?
And if you don’t please start.