Why you failed on your diet?
February 05, 2017

Why you failed on your diet?

We are still in the early parts of the year and already I have seen people fail, fall off the wagon or in simple terms go back to their shitty ways of eating despite still been shockingly overweight.

Let me just define shockingly overweight. For guys it’s carrying 15%+ body fat and for girls is carrying above 20%, yes that’s shocking, it sucks, you don’t need it and it is simply a result of poor decisions over and over again.

But why are people failing, why can we not nail this thing called diet, why can we not climb out of that shocking category.

Two reasons:

Self Awareness: You have not yet truly figured out who you are and why you are here. What is your goal, in the short and mid term for sure but also in life? What’s your purpose? You need to figure this out. It may take some stark realization and some soul searching which is not always easy and often quite frightening but it has to be done. The who may come first or the why many come first, either way you need them both locked in before you hit the go button. I have seen many fail simply due to a lack of self awareness, on the some token I have seen many win because they do know who they are and they have things figured out so when they set a goal they get it.

Lack of “grit”: It’s hard, over and over you have to make tough decisions, you have to be anti social, feel like you are missing out, maybe even feel deprived and yeah I know that can suck, I have been through it. But that to me is the “grit” that people lack. They lack the will power to say no over and over to the temptations. Some people just simply have fear of missing out so they have to be involved. To be successful you are going to need tons of grit as over and over you are going to have to be strong to stay away from temptations.

So quit all your bull shit excuses, blaming things on your job or the fact that you had to go to a birthday party. Champ no one stuffed that cake in your mouth, you did it. Well don’t do it. Figure out who you are and why you are here, get yourself some grit and you will not fail, you will win and you will win on an epic scale.