Why you feel pain?
May 22, 2017

Why you feel pain?

What would life be like without it? Pain free you could say!!!! Enough of the poor jokes hey….

We feel pain when we push, when we go beyond, when we are doing something that is somehow not normal. We feel pain when we allow our mind to tell us we are feeling pain. What if that was not the case?

There are two types of pain, good pain and bad pain. The bad pain we need to be wary of, it’s when something is going wrong, an accident, a muscle tear, bad pain is a time to stop. The good pain is when we suffer for the greater good, for growth, for experience, for greatness.

So we feel pain for two reasons, we feel it as an early warning sign that something bad may be about to happen to us. Or we feel pain because we are exerting into the unknown, a place we have never been before and we are just not quite sure what is going to happen. The issue we see in society that in either situation we often pause or retract as the discomfort is something we do not want to deal with.

I want to encourage you that in good pain there are only positives, only great things to come and it is something you should search for, something you should embrace and something you should be excited about learning from.

We feel pain to learn, we feel pain to grow, we feel pain to know we are alive.

Please continue to feel pain and continue to live the most amazing lives because of it.