Win at Life
May 09, 2016

Win at Life

This article came around through my daily question sessions that I run over on my snap chat account @ifms7 where I answer followers questions on pretty much anything they have asked. As yes they ask pretty much everything from how to have better sex to what sort of protein powder they should take……..
And then one day someone was complaining about motivation, now remember on snap chat you have a short video time and I wanted to get to the point so I summed things up real simply under the title of.
So you want to “WIN AT LIFE” which come on everyone does, who, hand on heart wants to be a loser!
I dropped these 4 points below on their own but for you guys because I respect and appreciate that you have come over to the site to get a good read I have explained them in more detail
  1. Set some crazy goals: come on, stop with the “normal people” chat or “that won’t happen to me”. You will remain normal and no nothing will happen unless you set some crazy goals and start heading toward them.
  2. Understand why: it’s not going to be easy, you will have to work hard as hell and it’s at those times you will ask yourself why so let’s get that figured out at the start.
  3. Make a plan and stick to it: a plan is there to guide you, to help you, it’s your route map to success, to your destination that you haven’t been to before. First time you go somewhere you need those directions. To win at life you need a plan and to stick to it.
  4. Be relentless and work like hell: if you want easy let’s go to the beach. To win you are going to have to wake up everyday and work like hell. It’s just the way it goes. Let me tell you it’s a great journey but not easy so ref earlier, you want easy then beach it is.
Trust me folks, I know the above may be simple and I know you may have heard it 1,000 times before either from me or somewhere else but are you doing it? Are you really following it? Are you winning at life? I really hope so…….thanks for reading.