You earn the right
October 14, 2020

You earn the right

In every aspect of life, anything worth having or doing is earned and if it is not earned then it is not worth having or doing, it is that simple and we have known it since the beginning of time.


I could list you numerous examples, cliches and or metaphors here but I will spare you, hop on board I want to share the raw parts to make you a better human.


So why at times do we see people presuming they just naturally have the right? Because the world is changing, humans are becoming lazy, hard work scares people, we are “soft.”


Although technology has been a blessing for many and has huge positive impacts on our lives it has provided us so many short cuts, excuses and forms of weakness. We can get most things we want way easier than we used to be able to, we don’t always have to work hard anymore. The result is that we think we have the right……which is not the case.


Sport is the greatest example as to when no one has the right…..unless they earn it!


So what happens?

Because we do not have to earn the right in many areas of life our mind tells us the same when it comes to sport. We genuinely think we can make it without putting in the time and the hard work.


The results are catastrophic and we often fail, failure is learning but for some it is also addictive and once the domino tips there is no stopping it.


We tell ourselves we will “get through it” but we don’t, we think we can “blag it” but we can’t.


You will not get the right unless you work your ass off day after day……when you do this “you earn the right.”