You have to start
May 08, 2018

You have to start

Those that know me know I am massively into planning, goal setting, geeking out on the different parts of the process. I love it and I love it from A-Z. Why do I love it? Because it is damn exciting, it’s exciting because the thought of goals and reaching new heights actually releases a certain amount of dopamine from the brain. Dopamine is our happy hormone, makes us feel super good. (Don’t tell your Mum I told you this but this is the hormone that the recreational drug Cocaine stimulates increased release of). Shush!
Cue every cheesy motivational you have ever heard and you know already from the title that all that planning and time spent on setting the goals and preparation means nothing until you start, but it is the start that seems so hard. Why is this so?
Because this is when it becomes real, the talk is done and the hard work to make the goals come to life is now in motion and people genuinely fear it. I want to encourage you not to and that the start is as good as the goal setting it self and nothing to fear. I also want to tell you that your start point is your start point so no need to stress about where that point is compared to other people (read one of my other articles about not needing to compare yourself against others), just crack on and get started, you will be surprised how fast you gain momentum.
So big respect for all your goals, but so much more respect when I see you starting and getting after them.