You pay the man
September 18, 2021

You pay the man

…and expect absolutely nothing in return….in that moment!
There is little instant gratification, thats what makes it so beautiful.
The adrenalin of hitting the jackpot on a slot machine does not exist in this game.
Time is your friend.
If you pay the man properly you hit the jack pot so much bigger and for so much longer. It’s not just your hand that fills with reward but your entire life.
What am I actually talking about? Ha ha
In life, in all areas you have to do work, many do it for a direct and possibly tangible result.
Do not be many.
The last kilometer you run, the final “i you dot” or “t you cross” in your work may give you little at the end of the day but trust me the impact of your hard work reverberates around your life for days and years to come.
In doing what you do the jackpot rings forever.
So go and do!
No Weakness.