You win everyday
October 24, 2017

You win everyday

I know you don’t think so but trust me you do.

They may not be big wins but a win is a win and even the small ones need to be acknowledged and celebrated.

But daily you say? Ahhhh haaaa that’s right.

This is nothing new, look at all the successful business men and then all the famous motivation people and coaches, what’s one thing they all have in common (except a decent haircut)? They all talk about daily journaling. But what is this?

To be honest it can be a whole load of different things but for me and the people I work with it is super simple.

At the end of each day write in your journal (paper or on your device) 3 awesome things that happened that day. At the start this will seem hard for some people as you will be looking for big wins and it is not everyday that we get big wins but I can assure you that there are wins to be had each day. Just jot them down in the simplest form you can or that you are comfortable with. I know you are all super busy so do not want this to take too much of your time.

Then once a week have a look through your journal and just look how much you have to be happy about, how much you have to celebrate and how much you win in your life.

If reflection is not your thing then there is another approach to this, at the start of the day write down 3 things in your journal that you are thankful for or excited about. Again once a week go through that journal and read over the things you have written down. So many wins, so much to be happy about.

No matter where you are in your journey in various areas of your life I can assure you that you still win everyday and big or small that’s a reason to smile and continue to dominate.