Your best energy
July 10, 2022

Your best energy

To run your fastest time, to deliver your very best, to stand on the finish line and be proud of the work you have just done is going to take every single ounce of energy you can get.
To get that energy you are going to have to be more disciplined that you have ever been in your life and not just for the coming days, weeks and months but forever.
You are going to have to fuel your body with the best nutrition  to give you the energy you need.
You are going to have to say no to people that want to keep you awake at night.
You are going to have to ignore the negative influences of social media.
You are going to have to not read or reply to messages and distractions that will not help you.
You have the ability to take on and spend a finite amount of energy. If you want your true best you will put all that energy into the job at hand.
If you don’t it’s clearly obvious you don’t even want it at all and should now admit it’s a nice weekend for a fun run!