Empty and scared
June 12, 2018

Empty and scared

Do you ever get that feeling of total emptiness, not knowing what to do, which way to look or who to call upon for help? And does that feeling ever lead to you being scared, scared to talk, scared to try, scared to ask, scared to do, scared in so many ways?
I know you do at some stage and in some ways and it’s ok. There are a lot of people both near to you and far from you that are also empty and scared from time to time. However there are two types of people, there are those who continue to be empty and scared as they can never seem to (or never want to) get to the bottom of the issue.
Then there are the rest, those that want to figure out, those that don’t accept the emptiness and fear as a way of life.  But how do you become the second type of person? It’s simple, revisit your why and if you do not have one then figure your out. I find with so many people that once we take things back to their why the emptiness goes away and they are no longer scared as they realize they have nothing to be scared of.
So please don’t waste time feeling empty and scared, stay true to your why and you will be full and energized.
Check out this article on Why if you are struggling.